Yoga Classes

Yoga not only challenges the body (helping to increase core strength, balance and flexibility) but it also allows us to create space in the mind, to take time out of our busy lives and to just be.

I am a qualified yoga teacher (400 hours) and a member of the Independent Yoga Network. I’m currently teaching classes in a variety of places in Kent, and work one on one with clients.

My classes range from upbeat and energising to relaxing and restorative; whether you’re a full-time yogi or a complete beginner, there is definitely a place for you.


Evening Vinyasa/ Energising Flow:

Probably the most popular style of yoga, Vinyasa focuses on the union of breath and movement through a sequence of postures that flow seamlessly from one to another, usually joined together by a ‘Sun Salutation’: a short series of set poses which are repeated at different points throughout the class. Vinyasa is often said to be the most ‘dance-like’ style of yoga, incorporating coordination, balance and flexibility.

Especially good for:

Opening up the body, lubricating joints and increasing flexibility of muscles.

These classes are open to all levels.

Spiritual Hatha:

Inspired by the belief that Hatha yoga represents the sun and moon, aiming to balance these two energies, creating an equilibrium between body and mind. We typically spend the first part of this class focusing on the physical aspect of yoga (the asana), concentrating on alignment, fluidity and finding space within the body. We then move onto exploring the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga, through practices such as pranayama, observation, mantra and meditation.

Especially good for:

Learning the key principles of yoga philosophy and building the foundations of a good physical practice.

This class is open to all levels.

Core Yoga:

This is a very focused style of yoga practice, concentrating specifically on building up a strong core: something that is a fundamental part of any kind of physical activity (not just yoga!), helping to stabilise and support the spine.

Especially good for:

Strengthening core muscles, improving balance and stability, reducing risk of injury.

This class is open to all levels. 

Restorative Yoga:

Relax and unwind with my late evening restorative yoga class; the perfect way to end a busy work day and prepare for sleep. In this chilled out practice, we will move through a series of restorative poses, aiming to release tension in the body, to slow down the breath and to quieten the mind.

Especially good for:

Relaxing if you have had a tough day and improving sleep.

This class is open to all levels.

Slow Flow:

This class is a cross between Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. I will be guiding you through a series of simple postures that seamlessly and slowly flow from one to another, allowing you time to pause, reflect and create space within each one. The class will usually finish with a Yoga Nidra (‘yogic sleep’): a form of guided meditation that is practised lying down. The aim of this is to lead you into a conscious state between wakefulness and sleep, filling you with deep relaxation.

Especially good for:

Learning the foundations of a good yoga practice, relaxation.

This class is aimed at beginner yogis (but anyone is still welcome!)

Power Yoga

A strong, energetic form of Vinyasa. The intention of this class is to bring the mind into the body, to create a space in which we can break the boundaries of our regular practice and to challenge expectations we have of ourselves and our abilities. It’s an intense class, with lots of fun new postures to try, so expect to sweat!

Especially good for:

Improving strength, flexibility, stamina and blood circulation as well as providing a great form of stress relief.

This class is aimed at intermediate yogis 

Wake up to Yoga

My Sunday morning class is a lovely way to start the day! In a simple Vinyasa style, we focus on slowly waking up the body with gentle stretches and sun salutations. This is often followed by either breath work or meditation to close the practice.

Especially good for:

Waking up the body, starting your day in a positive way. Improving flexibility and balance.

This class is open to all levels

Private Yoga Sessions

1-2-1, couples or small groups.

Perfect if you want to develop your understanding of a yoga practice, if you want to work on something specific or if you’re looking for something fun to do for a birthday or Hen do.

I hold private sessions at Ikigai Holistic (Whitstable), Manor Barn (Canterbury) or online via Zoom. I can also do house visits, providing you live locally and have enough space.

Prices of these vary so please get in touch to find out more.