Nutrition Myths that Could Be Affecting Your Training

Disclaimer: I'm not a registered nutritionist or dietician. Having said that, being a personal trainer means I do have a good understanding of nutrition, and I regularly look at client food diaries. It's amazing how, when we as PTs make simple adjustments to our clients' recorded eating patterns, there can be such a positive shift… Continue reading Nutrition Myths that Could Be Affecting Your Training


Refined Sugar-Free Mince Pies

"Mince pie and a cuppa?"...the question is music to my ears in this festive season, especially after a long walk in the cold, or a 'hard' day of Christmas shopping! There's nothing more comforting. Although shop-bought mince pies do vary depending on the brand, they generally all have one thing in common; serious quantities of… Continue reading Refined Sugar-Free Mince Pies

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Eating Abroad: Barcelona

This city has so much to offer; beautiful architecture, a buzzing nightlife, street performers, colourful artwork, hidden jazz clubs and (perhaps most importantly) fabulous food! I was really surprised at how health conscious Barcelona is, if you're looking to maintain a balanced diet while you're away this is definitely a good place to go; there… Continue reading Eating Abroad: Barcelona


Breakfast Ideas

"EATING BREAKFAST HAS LONG TERM HEALTH BENEFITS. IT CAN REDUCE OBESITY, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART DISEASE AND DIABETES"- National Health Service ...On a more everyday level, it's amazing how having a balanced breakfast can affect: how you think and feel, your energy levels, your cravings, and even your mood. Literally meaning, 'to break the overnight… Continue reading Breakfast Ideas


Pimp Up Your Salads often made up of limp iceberg lettuce, a few slices of cucumber and a tomato. Sounds mouth-watering? Didn't think so. It's no wonder so many people find healthy eating and traditional 'diets' boring and bland, leaving cravings unfulfilled and bellies still rumbling. I believe the best approach to healthy eating, whilst keeping sane, is… Continue reading Pimp Up Your Salads