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8 Tips for New Yogis

I may be biased saying this, but the benefits of yoga are endless; not only can it be used to improve the physical aspects of the body, i.e. strength, flexibility and balance, but it can also be a great way to release stress, quieten the mind and develop a more positive outlook on life. Because… Continue reading 8 Tips for New Yogis


5 Gentle Everyday Yoga Stretches for Flexibility

I get a lot of enquiries from people asking how they can improve their mobility/ answer is always yoga! These five gentle stretches target all areas of the body and can be done on a daily basis: either first thing in the morning, just before bed or perhaps even on your lunch break at… Continue reading 5 Gentle Everyday Yoga Stretches for Flexibility

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It’s Cool to be Calm: 5 Breathing Techniques to De-Stress

Have you noticed whenever you ask someone how they’ve been most people’s response is ‘OH, SO BUSY’...I know mine usually is. It’s true to say that this year has been one of the busiest I’ve, becoming a self-employed PT, trying to network as much as possible to grow my business, taking part in a… Continue reading It’s Cool to be Calm: 5 Breathing Techniques to De-Stress

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In Shape My Shape Campaign

“Health, just like houseplants and Tupperware, comes in all shapes and sizes” - WomensHealth Like so many of us, body image is something I’ve always been very aware of, but since becoming a personal trainer and working with different physiques on a daily basis, I’ve come to realise how unique we all are, how 'healthy'… Continue reading In Shape My Shape Campaign

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Interval Training

Interval training, or HIIT, is a technique in which you do short, sharp bursts of exercise followed by a period of rest. It's great way to improve your CV fitness and use up a high number of calories without spending hours on a treadmill (which some people love but I can’t stand). It's been proven… Continue reading Interval Training

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Positive Ways to Track Your Progress

Ever found yourself in a vicious cycle of regularly weighing yourself and feeling demotivated if you see the number has gone up by a few pounds? You have been eating better and exercising (perhaps you already feel slimmer, more toned and more confident) but somehow the scales don't reflect this. When I start with a… Continue reading Positive Ways to Track Your Progress