About Me

My name’s Saskia, I’m 22, from England and (in a nutshell) I’m a fitness obsessed foodie, a dreamer, and an advocate for spreading positivity. From being a keen little gymnast and growing veggies on my old Pa’s allotment when I was young, to working as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga teacher now, it’s safe to say I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness.

In 2016, I travelled to Sydney and ended up staying for ten months. During my time there, I fell in love with the Aussie’s holistic approach to a living healthy lifestyle; I worked in a wholefoods store (of which there were hundreds!) and joined a gym full of some incredible personal trainers, nutritionists and yoga instructors.

In Oz, as well as eating well, keeping active and listening to the body’s needs, I found that taking care of the mind is equally as important if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle. As I’ve always struggled with demons (who hasn’t?), this was something that really resonated with me; after all,I know from experience that it doesn’t matter how much kale and quinoa or chicken and rice I eat, if I’m feeling worried or stressed, my body is simply not going to function properly.

I returned to the UK with the intention of spreading this philosophy, incorporating it into my business. Alongside continuing my own journey, I want to encourage and inspire you to lead a more balanced lifestyle; whether that means eating healthier, getting more active, finding a new hobby or practising a bit of self care, hopefully it will enrich your life and make each day brighter.

Sas x

If you’re interested in training with me, please visit my personal training page to find out more