An Introduction to Mandalas (March Workshop)

Literally translating as “circle” in Sanskrit (the ancient language of India), Mandalas are geometric designs which have been used as spiritual symbols for thousands of years, primarily in Buddhism and Hinduism. In their simplest form, Mandalas are concentric circles (usually within a square) which are centred around a single point and dissected into sections. These are then filled with smaller shapes and patterns and progress into highly complex paintings with captivating detail and vibrantly rich colours. Traditionally, they would have been either painted onto paper or cloth with threads, drawn into sand, fashioned in bronze, or built in stone.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 15.34.31

Mandalas are believed to represent both our internal and external universe, symbolising the circle of life and how everything within life is connected. Traditionally, Mandalas would have provided a spiritual map for the individual viewer, guiding them through a variety of practices (such as yoga and meditation) away from a life of suffering and towards a life of peace, or ‘enlightenment’.

These days, Mandalas are more commonly used for the purpose of mindful meditation, to allow the creative mind to run free, to evoke feelings of calm and to enhance concentration. In more recent years, Mandalas have even inspired yoga classes; these often consist of a dynamic flow which utilises the mat in a 360° way and aims to balance the body as a whole, incorporating all four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I am hosting a Mandala workshop at Ikigai Holistic in Whitstable, on on Sunday 8th March from 14:00-16:00.

The workshop will begin with a Mandala yoga practice to get the body moving, followed by a discussion about the history and philosophy of Mandalas and a tutorial in how to mindfully draw your own. The intention of this workshop is not only to teach you more about a beautiful ancient tradition, but also to allow your innate creativity to flow and help you discover new ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

All levels welcome.

£28.00 per person (all materials are included).







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