5 Positive Podcasts

Over the last couple of months in particular, I have really gotten into podcasts, perhaps because I spend a lot of my day walking to and from gyms and studios where I train clients and teach classes!

I believe podcasts can be really helpful; whether you use them for entertainment, education or even comfort if you’re going through a difficult time, sometimes it’s refreshing to listen to someone else’s perspective. I tend to listen to podcasts about fitness, nutrition, yoga/ meditation and mental health, seeing as this is what Body in Mind is all about! I thought I would share my current favourite podcast series with you, in the hope that you will get as much out of them as I do. You can find all of these on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and probably online if you give them a Google. 

1. Happy Place with Fearne Cotton
Presenter, Fearne Cotton, invites a variety of well known guests, from writers and actors to social media stars, to talk about their personal mental health journeys.

2. Food for Thought with Rhiannon Lambert
Rhiannon Lambert is a top Harley Street Nutritionist, specialising in weight management and eating disorders. In Food for Thought, she talks to people about their relationship with food. Her guests include NHS doctors, models, musicians and athletes. As well as getting an insight into different people’s perspectives on food, Rhiannon also shares her some of her valuable knowledge on how to have a balanced diet. 

3. Table Manners with Jessie Ware
A funny, lighthearted, feel-good podcast that never fails to put a smile on my face. Singer/songwriter Jessie Ware and her mum simply record themselves cooking and eating dinner with a celebrity guest; there is a theme of food, but no real structure to the podcast. Highly entertaining! 

4. Talking Tastebuds with Venetia Falconer
As soon as I heard the first question Venetia always asks her guests “What did you have for breakfast this morning?”, I knew this was my kind of podcast! These podcasts cover a variety of topics, often quite controversial (for example veganism, diet fads, public healthcare, feminism and Crossfit). 

5. The Doctor’s Kitchen by Rupi Aujla
Probably the most scientific of the listed podcasts so far. In each episode, Rupi Aujla covers the vitamins and minerals we need to keep specific parts of our bodies healthy and working sufficiently; the digestive system, the brain, the eyes, the teeth, the bladder…just to name a few! 


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