Event: Silent Disco-Yoga Party

Yes, it really was as amazing as it sounds.

Hosted by my beautiful friend and fellow yoga teacher, Sophie, to launch her new business and celebrate her birthday (which is today…happy birthday Soph!). The event was held at Candid Arts Studio in Angel, London and began with a 90-minute immersive yoga practice which I assisted. Everyone taking part received a set of light-up headphones provided by Secret Sunrise, which meant we could all hear the music and Sophie’s instructions through our headsets.

Start of the 90 Minute Immersive Yoga Class

The yoga class was interluded by a 20 minute silent disco in which we all danced around the room like crazy, it was such a liberating feeling. If you’ve never experienced a silent disco before, taking your headphones off and seeing everyone dancing their hearts out and miming to no music is quite a sight!

After all the yoga and dancing around, it was time for food…cue Body in Mind; It was my role to create healthy post-yoga canapés to replenish everyone’s energy stores and to compliment the espresso martinis made by BeanBag Coffee.


After spending a good few hours in the kitchen on a rainy afternoon, I finally decided on the sweet-treats I was going to make for the event. I was kindly sent products from The Coconut Collaborative and Eat Natural, so created mini berry and coconut yoghurt pots with chia jam. To go along side these, I also made a selection of energy bites: apricot & coconut, chai spiced and dark chocolate truffle. Safe to say the food was a success! Everyone seemed to really like what I had made which was a relief; I do a lot of cooking and recipe-testing, but I’ve never made canapés for 40-odd people before. Recipes all coming soon.


The event was also the launch day of Uni Yogis; a clothing business founded by another one of my good friends and talented artist, Niamh. A few of us working at the event proudly modelled her new T-shirts which were on sale after the yoga class, and will be available to purchase online and in YogaHaven studios in London very soon.

 Lucy and Niamh looking gorgeous in their Uni Yogis tees

The three hour event went by in a flash with everyone at the end feeling high on excitement and love (and perhaps too much caffeine from the espresso shots). It’s amazing how a big room of strangers can feel so connected after practising yoga, having a boogie and sharing food together; I met some lovely people and it was a great opportunity for networking.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported this event; we were sent so many amazing products by a variety of companies to fill up the goodie bags and feed our guests. Also, a shoutout to one of my favourite humans, Lucy for all her support and for assisting the class with us (she’s running a yoga and mindfulness event in Soho on the 31st November/ 1st December so be sure to go and check it out)!


If you missed our event this time, do not fret! We’re already cooking up ideas for 2019 so watch this space. Interested in working on an event or collaborating with us? Please email me saskia@bodyinmind.blog, I’d love to hear from you!

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