Event: Nutrition Workshop

I am super excited to announce that I am hosting a nutrition workshop in Canterbury on Saturday the 29th September at 11am.

As y’all know, as well as keeping fit, I am very passionate about eating well and encouraging others to make better food choices. Blogging, making videos and using social media are great ways to share information, but nothing beats connecting with people in person, so I wanted to create an event where I could give tips and advice, in a space where everyone feels comfortable to discuss their own dietary habits or ask questions.


I’ll be joined by one of my colleagues and close friends, Rochelle, who is also a certified personal trainer (Level 2, 3 and 4), a pilates instructor, nutrition coach and all round superwoman. We’ll be talking about why a balanced diet is so important and what it actually means, explaining the difference between macros and micros, giving advice on nutrition to support your health/fitness goals and tackling some common myths surrounding food*.

I am also planning on giving everyone who attends a ‘wellness pack’ to get you started, including some goodies such as simple recipes for you to make at home, discount codes for local health food cafes, and a free workout.

We welcome anyone and everyone to our workshop! Situated at Fit4Less gym in Canterbury (you don’t have to be a member) on our rooftop terrace, which has a beautiful view of the Cathedral! We also have an indoor space if the weather doesn’t co-operate.


Limited spaces only!  BOOK TICKETS HERE


*Please note, Rochelle and I are qualified to give nutrition advice however we are not qualified to give diet plans or specific advice for health conditions. If you require further guidance, please contact your GP or a registered nutritionist/dietician 🙂

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