What’s Your Passion?

Whatever it is, do more of it.

I was watching an interview last night about a woman who gave up her 20 year career as a barrister to start her own business cooking Indian street food. She talked about her fears of failure, and the judgement she faced from the people around her. It reminded me of conversations I’ve had with my friends about different career paths. From a young age, we’re asked “what we want to be” when we grow up. I’ve realised, particularly in the past few years, that for most people there isn’t one straightforward answer. It can be really confusing and perhaps sometimes we choose to take a certain path because it’s seems more convenient and ‘realistic’, or there’s less of a risk of failure.  Sometimes it’s easier to listen to the fear and make choices based on that.

When I was at school, I was academic, but my real love was for art, drama and music (and fitness of course, but only outside of school…ironically, I was always that kid who bunked P.E). I remember seeing a careers advisor at school and her being really discouraging of following of these passions. She believed I should find a more “stable career” first and then consider fitness, art or theatre as something to pursue later on. I’ve always been a hard worker and I believe that whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it; it won’t come easy, but if you love it it’ll be worth it.

I’m fortunate to be working in an industry I love; I plan to extend my knowledge in the field, network more and see where my little BodyinMind business takes me, anything is possible! Although that’s my career focus at the moment, I am open to change, and I still have passions outside of my work that I believe are important to keep alive (for example, I love to paint*, I have just started singing lessons and I’m trying to get back into a bit of acting). These things give my mind a break from everything else going on, which can be wonderfully therapeutic.

*A painting I did recently of my boyfriend (who’s a wonderful musician and inspires me everyday)

So, whether you decide to take a step towards changing your job completely and pursuing something you’re more passionate about, or you simply make more time outside of work for hobbies, guaranteed it will improve your overall happiness. It can be scary, but life is too short not to do something you luuurve every day.


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