Blimey, is it really 2018? Time again for new beginnings…

I constantly have ideas and goals I want to achieve, so, for me, new beginnings certainly aren’t exclusive to this time of year. I believe you can change things or start over at any point – midway through a year, a week or even a day: there’s no time like the present! Having said that, I still plan new goals to focus on for the year ahead, which will differ, of course, depending on where I am in my life and what experiences I’ve gained the previous 365 days.

In the past, I would write a long list of New Year’s resolutions which weren’t realistic. I’ve come to realise this was just a way of trying to ‘fix’ all the things I didn’t like about myself at the time. I would find it overwhelming. By the time February came around, I’d have given up and would feel even worse than before. I think this is quite a common pattern amongst us human beings, particularly in the health and fitness industry!

With this in mind, I now focus on making manageable changes and setting achievable goals for the year ahead; no tough resolutions I know won’t last. I thought I would share these with you, hoping they will inspire you to make some positive changes in your life so you can make the most of your year ahead, too.


This is something I have dipped in and out of for a while, but have never been consistent with (which, of course, is the only way it will actually make a difference). In the last few months especially, I’ve been experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. Although meditation is by no means a quick fix for this (I’m aware it takes time, practise and a lot of self-discipline) I strongly believe in its ability to change the mind and how we cope with our emotions.

I’ve actually already started this resolution – is that cheating? I have been meditating consistently (around 10-15 minutes a day) for the past month using the app Headspace. I want to continue this, making it part of my daily routine and recording my progress along the way. I’ll keep you posted on how it is going.

2. YOGA:

Again, yoga is something I’ve always been interested in, but never really practised consistently. My fitness goals last year were mostly focused on strength (reaching an 80kg squat was definitely a highlight!) and building muscle. Although I still weight train, my focus has shifted to improving my balance and flexibility. In 2018, I would like yoga to feature more in my workout routine, whether attending classes or doing it at home. Again, I’ll be tracking my progress along the way…so watch this space!


I have always been creative: I did art and textiles at school, played the flute, and was part of a theatre group for a few years. However, recently, I have felt as though I’ve been neglecting my creative side in order to focus on health and fitness. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, as it’s difficult to do everything, but I’ve come to realise that creativity is very much a part of me and it actually plays a significant role in my personal wellbeing. At some of my lowest points over the past few months, I have just sat on my bed and painted. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it, and I have found it very therapeutic, so this year I would like to make sure I continue exercising my creative side as well as my body!


This one’s pretty self-explanatory. As Anne Frank said “no one has ever become poor by giving”.


Happy New Year 🙂


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