Eating Abroad: Bali

Ahhh Bali…a country full of breathtaking scenery, kind hearted people, and some of the most incredible meals I have ever eaten.

Cafe Organic – Seminyak

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Serving probably the most aesthetically-pleasing plates of food you’ll ever come across, Cafe Organic was one we sought out after hearing people back in Oz raving about it. They weren’t wrong! There was so much on the menu to choose from; from vibrant smoothies and purple taro lattes, to sweet potato burgers and sushi bowls…this place had it all. Not traditionally Balinese and more expensive than other places, but still absolutely worth a visit if you’re in the area and craving something fresh and cleansing.

Buddha Bowl – Ubud


This became our little local cafe whilst we were staying here. Situated in the heart of Ubud, with an open plan seating area leading out onto the main street, made it the perfect place to sit and watch busy Balinese life go by. The staff were so sweet, happy to make any adjustments to the dishes if desired, and the food was light and fresh. Enjoying a glass of their homemade iced tea in the evening became a ritual of ours, ideal after a long day of exploring in the hot sun.


The Yoga Barn – Ubud

Much more than just a cafe, The Yoga Barn is a holistic health heaven. Their menu is one of the most diverse and interesting I have ever come across, with Ayurvedic, raw and macrobiotic choices created with the intention to heal and energise the body. I’m a meat eater, but I’m always happy to have vegetarian or vegan dishes as long as they are flavoursome and substantial enough.


As well as the cafe, the retreat also offers yoga, meditation and massage therapy. I booked onto a Vinyasa flow class, not realising it was for advanced yogis of which I certainly am not (yet)! Although very challenging, particularly in the humidity, it was absolutely idyllic; held in what I can best describe as a big treehouse surrounded by vegetation.


Bali Food Tips:

  • Don’t drink the tap water
  • Watch out for large quantities of sugar…the Indonesians certainly have a sweet tooth! Try to avoid very sweet drinks in particular. They’ll likely just cause a fluctuation in energy levels and dehydrate you.
  • Be prepared for ‘Bali belly’…not something to stress over, but consider bringing charcoal tablets and stomach settlers just in case
  • Make the most of trying new foods!

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